Food: In rural localities near the Carei Municipality there are local producers who have the capacity to produce, harvest and sell dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc. However, local producers complain that they have nowhere to sell their products and the road infrastructure is deficient to transport their products to the city. What solutions do you propose so that local producers can sell their products, thus creating a sustainable closed loop ?



Unfortunately, the business market in Alba Iulia Municipality does not have many companies whose object of activity is recycling and waste recovery. What innovative business models would you propose that would generate fully recyclable or reusable products and that would at the same time have a positive impact on the community in Alba Iulia?



Piatra Neamț City: The urban landscape of small localities, such as Piatra Neamț is declining due to the less favorable economic conditions and a descdending demographic trend. How do you picture the revitalization of the public space of small towns? Propose solutions to regenerate the landscape and public space in Piatra Neamț, focusing particulary on public parks.



Beclean City: Access to public and cultural services should be facile for all members of the community. Propose smart and easily accessible solutions that increase public interest in accessing social-cultural activities in Beclean while facilitating access to public/administrative services, taking into account the circular economy.



Buzău Municipality: The punctual physical wear and tear on the elements of electricity distribution systems often leads to blockages and interruptions throughout the electrical energy system, thus affecting the quality of life in residential areas, in particular. What solutions do you propose for improving the electricity system in residential areas, so that the losses are as small as possible?



Over the years, in the industrial area of Ocna Mureș City, pollutants have been released into the environment as a result of normal operation and accidental leaks. Once released, these chemicals have moved to nearby areas by various means (including air, dust and / or water) and currently contribute to the complex nature of pollution in Ocna Mureș. The most common chemicals handled in most industrial sites are chlorinated solvents, organic chemicals that do not form naturally. Therefore, the battles at Combinat pollute a large number of hectares in the city, requiring a greening of the area, followed by the identification of ways to capitalize. What solutions can you generate to decontaminate and reuse historically polluted areas in cities?



The lack of an roundabout way in Făgăraș Municipality leads to high values of traffic volume (including heavy traffic) but also to a noise level above the allowed limits. What short-term solutions do you see possible for reducing urban traffic and reducing noise pollution?



Cugir City: One of the challenges of this city when it comes to implementing the circular economy is the fact that there is no place for storage of construction and demolition waste, which often end up in riverbeds or at the edge of the forest thus polluting the environment. In addition to polluting, this waste could be recovered in new products thus contributing to closing the loop. What solutions do you propose so that the waste resulting from the construction and demolition do not end up being stored improperly and what ways of capitalization could you find for them? (e.g. new products, energy, etc.)



Ramona Tănase
External Cooperation Head of Office at North-East Regional Development Agency / ADR Nord-Est

Luca Meini
Global Head CIrcular Economy at Enel

Harald Friedl
Circular Activist

Cătălin Popa
Professor, Dr. Eng. Materials Science and Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering

Laura Cutaia
Researcher at ENEA, Italy (MBC)

Ioana Dragoș

Zoltán Attila Pásztai
General director at Eco-Bihor

Anca Gheorghică
Executive Director at Asociatia Mai Bine

Toșa Cristian
Dr. Sustainable Urban Mobility

Philippe Micheaux Naudet
Senior project manager in circular economy ACR+

Natalia Ciobanu
Evalueserve Romania

Daniel Butucel
Project Specialist at Romania Green Building Council

Cristina Badulescu
EIT Climate-KIC, Romania

Razvan Sima
Solution developer for circular economy, RF meters


Dragos Silaghi
Deputy Marketing Director, Transilvania Bank

Simina Lakatos
IRCEM President

Gabriela Tarau
Representant Regional Development Agency Centru

Simona Leroux

Elena Rastei
Zero Waste Romania