June 11-12, 2021

71-73 Dorobantilor Avenue, 400609
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

What it is Circular Economy Hackathon ?

Circular Economy Hackathon is a hack-and-learn race with the focus to unleash innovation. Participants will work collectively with the scope of developing ideas, involving students, recent graduates, PhD students  and Postdoc in a process of designing and redesigning cities for circularity. The aim is to deep-dive and reveal the core problems with the current urban settlements. The event, which will be entirely online and will have an international purpose, aims to lead to the birth of innovative and entrepreneurial activities in 8 thematic macro-areas.
Hackathon is aimed at teams of students, recent graduates and PhD students from any university in Romania. We are looking for creative candidates who are passionate about the circular economy and who want to get involved. More information on requirements and procedures can be found in the Regulations. Candidates and their teams will have time to present their project ideas between June 11-12, 2021.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop and define their team’s solution and present it to the panel of experts at the end of the second day. The jury will analyze the projects and nominate the winning teams for each challenge. Those who deserve it will then be rewarded by companies that promote the challenge.
Why should you participate?
1.    Meet fellow change-makers and inspiring people who might become your life-long friends or future business partners.
2.    Since circular economy is the future of sustainable businesses, you will learn how to get ahead in this field and solve real-life sustainability challenges.
3.    Develop creative ideas for sustainability working within an interdisciplinary team
4.    Challenge yourself, benefit from mentor’s experience during this themed event. 


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Circular Economy Hackathon is part of EU Green Week 2021 initiative by European Commission.

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